MAY 18, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 8.42.29 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 8.58.31 PMBanxBlock is the official sunscreen of USA Water Polo. The water polo ladies (pictured) and I have a lot in common in that we apparently like to lie on our stomachs in the sun. What are those women up there doing? I dunno. It’s called clickbait, ladies and gents.

Today we are gathered here to talk about sunscreen while paddling, though. I’m sitting on the couch snuggling with Jack Daniels (my dog, not the bottle) thinking that I could use some Jack Daniels from the bottle because, while I managed to get sunscreen all over myself today, I forgot to do my legs. WHOOPSIES.

Why’s that a problem?

Here’s a little visual:

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 8.52.07 PM

I think I need to self-medicate right now to remove the pain of a major sunburn on the backs of my calves.

What isn’t sunburned? THE WHOLE REST OF ME. Including the tops of my arms, which were basically in the water for two straight hours. MAYBE THOSE WATER POLO PLAYERS ARE ON TO SOMETHING INDEED.

The issue of sunscreen and paddling is tricky. We’re in and out of the water. If you standup and you sunscreen your hands, you can’t grip the paddle. If you do your knees you can end up really slippery and unable to stand up. If you’re on prone and you do the front of your legs, you’ll be slippery, but if you don’t do the backs of your legs you’ll be sunburnt. You sweat; it all runs into your eyes.


But I don’t want to die of cancer.

I hate the way it makes my face feel cloggy. Like I can’t breathe. Like I’m a plant and my stomata are closed. That is a real word.

Guess what?


I recently came to this conclusion. After almost a year of stealing little bottles from April (from BanxBlock) and losing them in my car (The net worth of my car has gone up by $300 because of all of the sunscreen currently hiding in it.) (Maybe that counteracts plummeting net worth due to the fact that I don’t have a passenger side door handle, antenna, or hubcaps and the whole thing has 7/8 inch of sand resting on every flat surface.) I finally started USING BanxBlock this summer and I LOVE IT.

I felt moved to write a blog post after today’s paddle.

When I wear BanxBlock I don’t feel globby. It doesn’t run. And it works! If you use the correct amount (A LITTLE OF THIS GOES A LONG WAY, PEOPLE) you will be adequately protected for the length of your paddle without feeling greasy or gross.


I copied all of these words from their website:

BANXblock is the best all natural sunscreen designed for active lifestyles in the water and sun by Kitty Hawk, NC plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeff Pokorny. For years Dr. Pokorny has been treating the surfers, fishermen, golfers, and sun bathers who live, work and play along the beaches of North Carolina and suffer the consequences of prolonged exposure to the sun. After treatment or surgery, many of his patients would ask for his recommendation on the type of sunscreen they should use while maintaining their lifestyle. After researching all the medical grade sunscreens, Dr. Pokorny found that he could not recommend any of them as the best natural sunscreen. It seemed that every product available to the general public either used chemicals that were harmful to the skin, or provided inadequate protection from the sun.

In the summer of 2013, Dr. Pokorny came up with his own design and BANXblock was born. Initially BANXblock was sold only in his own medical offices and in a few local pharmacies. He didn’t expect the word of mouth demand that came from his patients bragging to their friends. It fell to his wife, Anne and a few of her good friends, to relaunch the product in an attractive and convenient squeeze bottle that an active, happy person would use. They then introduced it into the surf shops and retail stores where the active, happy people go. And so it began.


Click here for more science!

This year they introduced a face stick and a thinner additional formula. I stick to the original, which they now call “Elite.”

Want some of your own? Visit their website to buy online or find a local source.

OBLIGATORY FTC DISCLAIMER: I have a bunch of BanxBlock sunscreen that they have given me because I have batted my eyelashes at them and/or picked up at events, and/or stolen from April Peters when she wasn’t looking. The views expressed are my own. I’m not a doctor and Sharna and Lexy have to beg me to wear sunscreen. As with any and all gear we review you have to try it and see if you like it and it works for you.

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