The BANXblock team was on hand as the official sunscreen for the 2014 USLA National Championships in Virginia Beach, VA August 6-9. We met and were welcomed by more than 1,200 ocean rescuers from all over the country as well as Canada. The event was action packed with team and individual competitions on both the beach and in the water.

The USLA works hard to maintain high standards for its rescuers and these four days gave a chance for the most dedicated and fit to be recognized by their peers. We were blown away by not only the athleticism of the competitors but also the sense of community and friendship built between the competing teams. These folks demonstrate true character, and our beaches are safer because of their dedication. BANXblock performance sunscreen believes we should be there to protect them from the harsh sun they work under day in and day out as they protect us. Because of our gratitude, BANXblock  donated a portion of sales made on site at the event to the USLA. What a worthy cause.

And by the way, we love the mantra heard from some of the lifeguards about the zinc in our sunscreen…’WE LOVE WHITE!’ We had to really convince some of them they could put it on in a thinner layer, and they loved it!